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About us

NY Hop Shop was formed by Steve Schmidt and Rob Potter, in Farmington, NY in 2013, to enable hop growers to market their hops to craft and farm brewers. Growers input their inventories & brewers can search for a wide variety of NY grown hops.

There are no fees to use this website. 

We recognize the need for hop growers and craft brewers to connect for their mutual benefit. Our website enables growers to submit their hop varieties, quantities, lab test results (optional), as well as contact information for free. Craft & farm brewers can all access the site free of charge as well. They can contact the growers directly for pricing, payment, and shipment of the desired hops. In addition, this year growers can list their "projected 2017 yields", giving brewers the opportunity to establish contracts with growers ahead of the harvest. Bringing together these two groups of hop lovers is our goal, and we hope you will consider NY Hop Shop for your "hop" connection needs!